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About Us
Over 20 years experience
Nbc was founded in the spring of 1999 by Dave Cheaney, as the company grew it became clear that nbc had a chance to do something special that had not really been done before and that was to build a company that specialized in just bird abatement.

Most other companies that offer bird control are spin-offs from pest control operations and therefore the birds were an afterthought. With Dave’s background he discovered that he was able to put to use in this unique and challenging business. Being a marine gave him the discipline and drive to make it work. The marine training gave him the ability to get to almost any surface on any building, be it repelling off the top of the building or getting into a site undetected it all. Today nbc is one of the leaders in the industry.

In 2002 Dave and Dianna Forbes joined forces to create a corporation.  Dianna brings with her years of customer service experience and a wealth of business knowledge.  Dianna owned her own business for fifteen years and sold her business to join Dave in building this corporation.  Dave supervises the sales department as well as training and teaching the technicians the skills, knowledge, and understanding of the unique challenges in this industry; Dianna heads up the A/P A/R department as well as ensures that the technicians have the abilities and the drive to provide top quality customer service to all of our clients.

Nbc brings together a team of trained technicians, experienced sales staff, and a top notch executive board that work together to provide the best quality product, service, and experience for all of our clients.

Nbc has tackled some of the largest bird control projects ever done. One of our largest projects was over $700,000.00. So whether it is a service call for a residential home owner or a large commercial project nbc will strive to provide the same level of professional service to each of our clients.

Check out “meet the staff” page to see our amazing team of professionals and read their bio’s.

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