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Coast Guard Air Station
This Coast Guard Air station in Astoria Oregon was being overrun with swallows nesting above the aircraft in the hanger nbc was called in and it was decided the best course of action was to install ¾” white netting so as to keep the hanger bright and light. Nbc installed over 25,000 square feet of netting to exclude the birds from nesting in the hanger. This project was completed within 2 weeks with very little impact on the day to day operation of the hanger.

Decontamination Projects
In these pictures nbc personnel where called on to decontaminate a parking garage and a retirement facility. In the retirement facility the when the building was built there was an open area where birds were able to gain access to the buildings attic areas. Nbc was asked to remove all contaminated insulation and replace it and seal up all access points. The access points were sealed using ¼” wire mesh and shock track along the perimeter of the roof.

Football stadiums
Football stadiums are a favorite roosting and nesting area for all types of birds. The most efficient way to eliminate these troublesome sites is to install ¾” netting and if done the right way contoured to the roof line will eliminate the problem and will look good to thus keeping the fans who wish to enjoy the games happy and keeping the maintenance costs at a minimum.

Large Lifts
This 120’ manlift was brought in so as to be able to reach the very top wall of this structure, where shock track was installed to eliminate 100’s of pigeons from their loafing site. All nbc personnel are not only trained on these lifts but are also certified to operate them as well as certified in traffic control as well.

Repel Information
Some projects require special training, as in this project for Harborview Hosp. this ledge could only be accessed from the use of highrise repelling gear. And the use of specially trained personnel. Nbc personnel are all trained in a multitude of areas everything from highrise repelling to advanced first aid to traffic control. nbc goes well beyond industry standards in its training regiment.

The Portland Airport project
The Portland Airport project required the use of 5, 135 manlifts for a period of 7weeks. This project used of 10 miles of stainless steel cable, 45,000 cable brackets 250,000 hogrings, 3,000 turnbuckles and over 240,000 square feet of netting. The lifts were refueled on the go without stopping. The worksite was 91 up from the roadway. This was one of the largest projects ever done and probably the most complex projects. Architects from all over the country have used this project as a training and guideline for future projects. This project was instituted due to thousands of starlings that would fly across the runways every morning and evening in order to roost in the canopy.
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